Youth Orchestra

As a youth orchestra coach I often run 1 hour sectionals, during which I work on fingerings and bowings with the section, discuss and teach required technique, and accomplish any other goals set by the orchestra director.

It is possible for me to send parts with bowings and fingerings for rehearsal, prior to a coaching session, depending on how early I receive the music.


School Sections/ Chamber Groups

School Sections

As a school orchestra coach, I can give a section the individual attention they need to play their best. The director and I will set achievable goals, prior to each coaching, which will be accomplished by the end of each session.

Bowings, fingerings, and any technical issues I think we might come across, will be determined before hand and sent along to the director. 


Chamber groups and soloists preparing for cometitions or auditions can be pushed to the next level with the right coaching. My knowledge of the chamber and solo repertoire aid me in bringing out the most from my students and groups. Students will be pushed to examine their musicality and technique closely, preparing them for high-stakes performances. 

If you are interested in having your group coached or have any questions, please head over to the contact page, fill out the form, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.