Performance Class. In performance class, cellists will be able to perform their works for each other and receive valuable performance feedback and coaching from peers, special guest musicians, and myself. This class will meet every other week, and all students are encouraged to join, to build up those performance skills. This is a great opportunity to see how much growth happens from lesson to lesson and class to class. Emphasis will be placed on good performance practice, performance coaching, public speaking, and taking risks in front of the group. Parents are more than welcome to stay or drop their students off. 

Cello Ensemble. In this extension, cellists will play music arranged for cello choirs. This group will work on music to perform as a group. So much learning goes on when you are part of a group, especially a mixed level group. The great part about cello ensembles, is that we can play all kids of music; from classical to rock to pop.  All levels are invited to join. This extension will be offered immediately before the Performance Class extension.