The OMG Deck

The OMG Deck was created to make practicing the fundamentals of great music making varied and fun. The OMG Deck consists of 30 Scale Cards, 14 Note Name Cards, and 9 cards that will help you get started!

On the front of each Scale Card is the name, number and type of accidentals, key signatures in each of the three string clefs, scale degrees, tonic arpeggio, note names, and the relative major or minor. A lot of information in a friendly design!

The back of each Scale Card are 3 variations to play the scale with. These variations can be rhythmic, bowing, singing, and more. The 90 variations included in this deck have come from professors I have studied with and from the leading string pedagogues and artists. These variations are time tested and proven to accelerate the learning of scales and string technique. Each variation should be taken slowly at first and sped up over time. Mastery is the goal!

The magic happens when you set a Scale Card next to another on its Variation side. Individual, group and team games can be played and progress made while you challenge your abilities. Variations are scored 1, 2, or 3 coins, which you earn through the practicing and mastery of that variation.

Also included in the OMG deck are two sets of 7 Note Name Cards. These cards are a great visual and tactile tool for scale study, discussions on accidentals, explanations of raising scale degrees and so much more. 

Stay tuned for PDFs of game ideas and videos demonstrating the many uses of the OMG Deck


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