Private lessons are the key to getting the most enjoyment out of playing an instrument.


My approach to teaching the cello is one that aims to make the difficult task of playing an instrument enjoyable.  This translates to a focus on not only the necessary detailed technical work, but also a more "big picture" look at technique and how it fits into the various musical works a student will play over the years.

With my experience and educational background, I tailor each lesson to the individual needs of each student I encounter.

Every student is unique, yet I find that most of my students fit into one of these three categories:

Beginner Youth

  • I generally start young beginner cellists between the ages of 5 and 6. My approach of teaching technique through music and musical games keep the lessons light and moving forward with many little episodes that keep the student engaged. Note reading and playing by ear are taught from day one. Youth who already play an instrument will focus on acquiring the technique necessary for advancing on their instruments while playing meaningful selections from the standard repertoire.

Middle and High School Students

  • Students that fall into this category will focus on increasing their technical knowledge as well as musicality. Many students in this category play in the local youth orchestras, so we may spend time going over the music they have assigned for those groups to help them play their best.
  • High school students who are preparing for orchestra and college auditions can expect to be challenged with technical studies and many opportunities to perform their repertoire for colleagues and in quarterly recitals.

Adult Students

  • No matter your age or familiarity with music or an instrument, I believe that with deep practice and instruction, you can reach your musical goals. We will work together on setting goals and developing strategies to reach them. As with all of my students, there are various opportunities to perform in a solo or group setting.



What Can I Expect From a Private Cello Lesson?

You can expect to be challenged every lesson. I will help you stretch to the edge of your abilities so you can improve. You will reach, make mistakes and learn from them, and then reach again. 

As a productivity nerd, I have learned many tricks to help make practice sessions as productive and engaging as they can be. Learning how to practice is an essential skill for any instrumentalist! 

Expect to share your music with others. Music was meant to be heard! 


Private Cello Instruction - $40 per hour lesson

A lesson time will be decided upon based on availability and schedule. Students will receive a full hour of private instruction. Students will work from various books and play repertoire decided on together. Students will receive copies of needed music with the understanding that they will be purchasing the necessary books or repertoire. Think about paying for 4 lessons in advance to save money! 

Private Cello Instruction + Music Purchasing Package - $45 per hour lesson

Students will receive private instruction and will not have to worry about ordering music. I will order all needed music for the student. All music purchased for the student will go into the student's own personal music library.  Think about paying for 4 lessons in advance to save money! 

Skype Lessons

If you do not live in or around central Washington, Skype (video) lessons are available. The above pricing applies. Think about paying for 4 lessons in advance to save money! 



As I am often traveling between cities, the days that I teach lessons are thoroughly scheduled and require extensive preparation. For this reason I offer a $10 discount on 4 lessons (if paid for at once), to encourage students and their families to plan 4 lessons ahead. That way, students know when their lessons will be, and how long they have to prepare for it. I find that when students pay week to week, they tend to miss more lessons.  

Please give at least 24hrs notice before canceling or changing a lesson. This will give me time to fit in another cellist from your city into that time slot. If notice is not given within the 24hrs, you may forfeit that lesson's fee. If I show up at our meeting place and no one is home, you will forfeit that lesson's fee. Please just call, text, or email as soon as you know there will be a conflict with our scheduled time.

I will reserve your lesson time from week to week or if you need to miss 1 or 2 lessons in row. However, if there are many absences, I may have to permanently give that lesson time to a more reliable student. Once again, communication is the key!