Welcome and thank you for visiting my site (and blog)! For all of my current students and families, I want to say a big thank you for your support through the years. I have such a great time sharing my love for music with you all.

Why do you have a website?

My intention for the website is to use this site and blog to keep everyone in the loop about when I am in your city, when concerts are happening, and when recitals and rehearsals are scheduled (all in the Schedule and Events section).  

Various PDFs such as practice logs, theory worksheets, and technical studies will be available for download.  

I also wanted my lesson policy and information about taking private lessons from me easily available for both families of my current students as well as perspective students.

What is all this about coaching? 

I love coaching cello sections and chamber groups and intend to grow this part of my personal business. I will be offering my services as a section coach to Youth Symphonies and School Orchestras alike. 

What else will you be posting here?

I will be posting helpful advice on practicing and the craft of cello playing as well as helpful articles from around the net. 

Photos and commentaries from recitals will be posted here, along with the program from that recital so that students can track their progression easily. 

With a central hub, everyone can benefit from and share  resources and advice with one another. So please feel free to comment, give advice, or send a helpful link and I'll be sure everyone hears about it. 

Thank you again for visiting and come back soon.