Fix The Scale

This is a very simple use of the Note Name Cards to teach and reinforce a scale and can be used in a private lesson or in a classroom setting. This would be a great start to a lesson or an entry task. 

Time: 10-15min

Materials: OMG Deck, Bell (optional)

No. of Players: Single Student or Group Activity

Purpose: Use this activity to have discussions about Major and Minor Scales, Accidentals, Major and Minor Arpeggios.  

Preparation: Pull out the 7 Note Name Cards and the relevant Scale Card from the OMG Deck. Lay out the Note Name Cards spelling out the scale, but purposely make a few errors. Students will be correcting those errors.

(Below is my "G Major Scale" )

A# B C D# E# F G

Activity: Tell the students which scale they will be checking. In this case, they will be checking this against their knowledge of the G Major Scale.  With or without the Scale Card (depending on their knowledge), have the student(s) fix the scale. Give them a time limit and a countdown for extra drama. When time is up, have the student(s) check their scale against the Scale Card.  



Team Match - With more sets of the Note Name Cards, have students compete in teams to see who can fix the scale first. Go through the various scales they know, or introduce new ones. Have students hit a bell when they think the scale has been fixed.!

Bonus Arpeggio - Have students slide the cards for the tonic arpeggio up. If they are correct, give them extra points! The tonic arpeggio is outlined in each scale card

N.B. When I play this game in groups, I make sure that I give the Scale Card to a student that is really struggling with this specific scale or concept. It gives them a way to contribute to the game while also going over the right notes multiple times. 

Here is a link to the PDF of this lesson plan: Fix The Scale